• April 15, 2016
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If You Minimize, You Can Mobilize

It’s been 1 year now since I sold virtually all of my possessions back in Houston, save a trusty old chevy pickup…

…and 3 weeks since I left New Orleans to start a lifestyle and entrepreneurial experiment in Eastern Europe.

One of the greatest secrets that I discovered over the past year is that minimizing your possessions to the bare minimum not only saves you money and lowers your baseline stress levels, but gives you the freedom to take your life anywhere, at anytime you choose!


I’m Off Again To Europe

For me, I became fascinated by the history, culture and more enjoyable pace of Eastern Europe when I traveled there last fall so I decided to move to Budapest for Spring 2016.

I would have planned to stay longer, but Americans are only allowed a total of 90 days in the EU every 180 days…

This trip also sparked the idea for me to start vlogging my experiences by recording daily videos, expressing my usually shy self in front of an intimidating camera lens and periodically editing it all together to create compelling narratives.

Unfortunately, I’m still a long way from achieving the compelling narrative part…

…but regardless, I wanted to learn how to capture and create small movies to document my journey through Europe, my lifestyle experiments in Hungary and my still amorphous entrepreneurial startup endeavors. With all this craziness in mind, I started a YouTube channel called the Modern (m-An)imal to record my progress.

I decided to call this video series The Euro Vlog and it began with my first travel day from the U.S. to Barcelona:

My brief stay in Barcelona was characteristically chill (do as the Catalans do…) taking in a magnificent sunrise on the Barcelona coastline (thanks to my jet lag), many strolls down the La Rambla esplanade and doing impromptu handstands in front of a waterfall in the middle of the city!

You can see my first day getting to know Barcelona here:

Unfortunately, I’ve never had sooooo much trouble finding my beloved eggs benedict in a city, but the tasty Catalonian tapas made up for all the trouble!

Towards the end of my stay in Barcelona, I shot some treetop video for the intro to my third Euro Vlog:

I had the idea to use historic La Sagrada Familia church as the epic backdrop to introduce my last Acro NOLA time-lapse video I captured before leaving New Orleans. I was also still feeling the effects of some brutal jet lag so I just incorporated both to complete and post a cool video.

Finally, since I’m an aviation freak, I was able to capture some pretty cool footage of my flight from Barcelona to Budapest and used it all for the 4th installment of my Euro Vlog.

There’s some inflight time-lapse video that I’m a little too proud of if you want to check it out…

Well, I’ll wrap it up there for now.

You can look forward to upcoming posts about my first weeks getting settled here in Budapest and my new, high-productivity focused lifestyle experiments soon.

Szia (Hungarian for goodbye) and thanks for reading!

Matt – The Modern, currently expatriated, (m-An)imal

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