The Modern Manimal's Wild Resources

Becoming a Modern Manimal, Womanimal or Humanimal means learning how to find the balance between your wild human nature and our modern, domesticated world.

If you can learn to give your body what it needs to thrive while harnessing modern technology at the same time, your quality of life will truly become KICK ASS!

To help you build a lifestyle that's Wild By Design, the following are my current recommended tools, gadgets, books and resources to help you THRIVE.

Better Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important activities to get right for a healthy body and mind. Unfortunately, modern day life negatively impacts your circadian rhythms and makes achieving quality sleep almost impossible. Reclaim your sleep by using the following tools in your home:

Home Lighting

Red LED Lightbulbs and Strip Lighting After Sunset

Add red LED lights around your home so you can switch from bright, full spectrum lighting to red spectrum lights after dark.

Red LED lights don't interfere with melatonin production after sunset like traditional lights do improving the quantity and quality of your sleep.

To learn more about wild lighting, you can read my blog article on it here.

Complex Human Movement

If you don't use your body in complex ways over the course of your lifetime, you'll soon lose your strength, mobility and capacity for high-quality human movement.

A great way to bring complex and playful movement to your body on a daily basis is to pursue movement practices like martial arts or AcroYoga if they fit your style.

Below is a list of resources I've used to rehabilitate my body and cultivate more complex and fulfilling movement in my own body:

Gymnastic Strength Training

Consistent  training with the Gymnastic Bodies' Foundation, Fundamentals and Stretch series online courses have been some of the most transformational physical training I've ever undertaken.

Not only does it provide bodyweight training you can do wherever you are, it will turn your body in to a complex human movement machine! Fundamentals - Foundations - Stretch Bundle

Wild Workstations for Modern People

Let's face it, we all spend way too much time working in front of the computer these days...

Although many now say "sitting is the new smoking", the real danger is that most of us NEVER MOVE anymore.

To combat this, I've developed what I like to call a Wild Workstation. It's a traveling computer setup that encourages you to move through a variety of positions throughout the workday. Read my post on it and check out the components of my Wild Workstation below:

Floor Sit, Squat or Stand

Adjustable Laptop Stand/Desk

If you want to put in hours of work on the computer each day, you need a desk that can be adjusted for multiple human body configurations. Primarily sitting on the floor, squatting or standing.

And adjustable laptop stand will help you do just that!

Books That Will Help Transform You Into A Modern Humanimal

Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams

Matthew Walker

Learn all about why high quality sleep is essential to healthy minds, bodies and interpersonal relationships.

Matthew Walker dives deep into the science of sleep and what you can do to rehabilitate and harness the power of your nightly coma.

Body by Science

Dr. Doug McGuff

Infrequent, low-volume, but High Intensity Strength Training has been a key part of my complex movement training paradigm for the past several years.

Learn how to get better results with less time in the gym so you can spend your time and strength doing awesome activities like martial arts or AcroYoga!


Ray Dalio

Meaningful work and meaningful relationships through radical truth and radical transparency.

Learn about the Life and Work Principles behind that produced the world's most successful idea meritocratic business culture, Bridgewater Capital.

Pain + Reflection = Progress