• August 19, 2016
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Don’t Let Perfection Be The Enemy Of The Good

If you dream big, it’s probably your greatest internal asset.

Unfortunately though, if you want to achieve moonshot results for yourself or, dare I say, the world...your pursuit of perfection for those dreams is likely your greatest weakness as well.

You must realize that the bigger your dreams, a resistance to achieve them looms exponentially larger by default.

Because progress is always made in small steps, sometimes those incremental positive changes feel somewhat meaningless compared to the mythically monstrous mountains you’ve put before yourself to climb.


The difference between those of us who keep dreaming and those who actually achieve is simply mindset. The mindset difference is described by Steven Pressfield in his books The War of Art and Turning Pro as going from an amateur to turning pro.

Elite level gymnastics coach and founder of the online training program Gymnastic Bodies describes this it as developing a mature versus immature attitude to training.

Those that turn pro and exhibit mature, long-haul attitudes show up every day to work...come hell or high water...in order to chip away at their seemingly impossible goals. They don’t let the weight of their struggle to achieve superhuman ambitions overwhelm and crush them back into inaction.

Mature pros keep their noses to the grindstone. Pros keep doing, learning, growing...

...and ultimately ACHIEVING!

“Once you have mastered time, you will understand how true it is that most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year and underestimate what they can achieve in a decade.”
-Tony Robbins

Go ahead...dream big, listen to your gut and go for what you really desire...

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.”
-Pablo Picasso

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  • Hellooooooo
    Enjoyed your this article and the one on health care. The woman who sent me the article left the US to live in Chang Mai Thailand because of Lupus disease. A former vet who was not getting adequate care in Florida. Me and my daughter will be moving to Mexico in June of this 2017. I look forward to following along with you. My website will be about the Afro Mexican culture of Veracruz Mexico. The site is under construction

    • Thanks Roxana!

      Chiang Mai, Thailand has definitely become a hotspot for U.S. expats looking to have a vibrant lifestyle and great health care options for a fraction of the cost.

      I was there this past December and January and fell in love with the place!

      Best of luck with your move to Mexico and website…it sounds super interesting!

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